Emerge is committed to create and innovate in the 3D Visual business.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, designing, modelling and printing 3D models that showcase our quality and dedication, effectively translating customer’s requirements into 3D models of the highest standard. We are a team of hard-working professionals who are not afraid to put in the time to do the job. Know-how, creativity, positive attitude and excellent understanding of all the client requirements are some of the key traits of our team.

Values, Competency and care.

Inovation / Creativity

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals

Over a decade of experience

We use our knowledge and expertise to achieve results that surpass client’s requirements, continuously striving for the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Quality Guarantee

We can confidently say that in 90% of the cases, 3D images have more impact in client decision making and concept understanding. We guarantee deliverables with high quality and customer satisfaction.

Pipeline Workflow

We deliver the highest quality 3D Visuals, integrating in our pipeline workflow, fit for purposes methods and dedicated tools .

Smart Design Review

We make project design review phases more efficient, introducing  virtual reality solutions into the process, taking 3D viewing  to the next level.

Building relationships

Our aim is to build meaningful business relationships. We believe that success means building relationships that do not become one-time projects, but provide value to our clients on a reliable, ongoing basis.


Our vision is to be a leading company in what we do, to grow, inovate and explore in 3D visuals and visual management.



Landscaping studies, off shore and on shore environmental impact studies, environmental engineering and green energy harvesting in remote locations: these are some of the areas where 3D visuals can help translate and transform ideas and projects.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

From tender to construction phase, 3D visuals are powerful tools. Companies can now showcase their designs and ideas efficiently. Offshore and onshore procedures can help clients and project teams to better understand designs and detect critical issues in advance.



Visualisation of situations to prevent accidents and take appropriate action are only one of the aspects Emerge can assist you with. We provide animations and visualisations of all aspects and operations regarding global supply chains, maritime transport and logistics, onshore and offshore operations, cargo ships, etc.



3D visuals can be invaluable from the design to construction of ship building. We offer Interactive presentations, virtual reality, high quality visualisations, and virtual environments to enhance our clients’ designs or proposals.


  • procedures
  • generic
  • vessels
  • subsea
  • tooling-and-equipment
  • 3d-prints


Innovative 3D Visuals

Virtual reality and interactive solutions allows clients to see and experience their designs first hand. It’s a definite game-changer!

Exceptional Service

We are dedicated to learn everything and listen carefully to our current and prospective clients so that their expectations are exceeded, until we can anticipate their needs.

Creative Solutions

We adapt, rethink and reframe to solve problems and deliver results.

Impressive Results

Our approach is to save our clients time and money by reducing risks, rework and in-field errors.

Visco testimonial

Luis joined the VISCO team as a visual advisor in Q4, 2015. I have no doubt that between his accumulative work experience in Oil and Gas and his complete understanding of Industrial Visualization that Luis and Emerge will provide strong representation for us in the Netherlands O&G market.

We look forward to a strong partnership as we continue to grow our business together.

MVH, Jared F. Hanscom VisCo, Executive Sales and Business Developement.